Are the inserts sold in pairs?

Do I need a PayPal account to order?
NO! You can enter your debit or credit card information when you check out through PayPal on our site. You do not have to have a PayPal account.

How long will it take to receive my inserts?
Most people receive their items within two to three business days of placing their order over the internet. 

I live close by. Can I just go to your office and purchase them there?
Unfortunately, we are unable to fill orders in person. We can keep our prices lower by not having personnel for point-of-sale encounters.

What are the arch supports made of?
We use a firm polypropylene plastic for the main supportive portion of the device. This piece cups the heel, contours the arch, and ends at the area just before the ball of the foot.

The Spenco cover is a 1/8" thick rubbery cushion that is glued to the top surface of the support, and extends the full length of your shoe.

The metatarsal pad is a cushion that is placed at the front end of the plastic support, just behind the ball of the foot. This is then covered with the Spenco cover.

Why should I order the Spenco cover?
The cover gives some cushioning on top of the firm plastic. It is typically used only in shoes that have removable insoles. We recommend you remove those insoles that came with your shoes before putting in the arch support with the Spenco cover. For shoes that do not have removable insoles such as women's dress shoes, we recommend just the support without the cover.

Why should I order the met pad?
The met pad is only used when people have pain in the ball of their foot. It is designed to take some pressure off of the ball of the foot and place that pressure into the fleshier area behind the ball.

The Spenco cover is much longer than my shoe insert. Do I have the wrong size?
The cover is usually left long so it can be trimmed to your shoe size. It does not indicate that the size of the support is incorrect.

What does a size 148 or 168 mean?
This is how the length of the plastic support is measured. If you were not sized by your doctor, use the sizing chart when choosing each product.

How do I know if I have the correct size?
The supports will often feel strange in the beginning, but not painful.

Ordering for System Rx?
If the front end of the plastic pinches the ball of your foot when you walk, you need a shorter insert. If the heel cup pinches your heel, you need a wider insert. If the arch feels too high, you need a lower arch. And if you don't feel your arch is getting enough support, you need a higher arch.

Ordering for Leap!?
Just order the next size up or down.

Can I exchange the arch supports for a different size?
Yes. Just return them with a note saying you need a different size: longer, shorter, wider, narrower, higher arch or lower arch

How long will it take to get used to the supports?
Most people need 3-5 days to get used to wearing them all day long. We recommend you only wear them as long as they are comfortable. If your feet start to ache in areas that don't usually bother you during the break in period, just remove them for the rest of that day. The following day try wearing them longer than the previous day, and continue this until you no longer need to remove them from your shoes

My child has flat feet. Do you have supports for kids?
Yes. We like to have a tracing of the child’s foot while standing on a piece of paper. This allows us to size them correctly. Just trace both feet and send us the tracing.

What other options do you have if these supports don’t work for me?
If our pre-made supports don’t fit you well or if they don’t do enough to reduce the pain in your feet, custom orthotics can be made for you. These are made from a cast of your feet, so any size and shape of foot can be accommodated..

Can I return them for a refund?
Yes. Return them with a note saying you would like a refund.